"The Beautiful And The Beautiful Of The BRB- 2019


1. On the first Tuesday after each step, a meeting between photographers, along with the Organizing Committee (team RR sports and Events), for the evaluation and choice of 3 women and 3 handsomest men of step.

2. The criteria for the choice will be:
the. Beauty;
(b). Sympathy;
(c). The photographic record;

3. The steps qualifiers will be: BRB Icarai, BRB Jeri, BRB Mundau, BRB Night and BRB Canoe;

4. a representative of the RR sports and Events will contact the ones requesting the release of your photos and the participation in the contest. If the chosen prefer not to participate, will be chosen another representative;

5. After the definition of the chosen, will be posted on the official beach run instagram Brazil @beachrunbrasil the six pictures (03 men and 03 women) for popular vote. each tanned in the picture = 01 vote;

6. The vote will be closed a week after the publication of photos of competitors, at 8:00 pm, for verification of the individual votes;

7. Soon after the result will be published in stories @beachrunbrasil;

8. We will contact the winners via inbox.

9. The athlete and the athlete most votes every step, is automatically qualified for the grand final on the day 14 December during the awards ceremony in the last stage of the circuit 2019 in praia do futuro (BRB Fortal).

10. The classified automatically receive the inscription of the step and are required to participate as an athlete in the same;

11. Athletes who did not qualify to the final, can participate in the choice in the next step;

12. The choice of cute and beautiful BRB 2019 will be through the choice of audience;

13. Award:

the) Trophy;
(b)) Photographic book (can be with date);
(c)) Registration of all stages of 2020;
(d)) Participation in the branding circuit material beach run Brazil 2020;

14. Will be held the signing of contract between the parties.